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The Importance of Precious Metals By Arthur Soriano, Eagle Bullion Group

If the federal government suddenly became available as a public offering, you probably wouldn’t want to buy too many shares of stock in it for two reasons. First, because of our country’s enormous debt; and second, because every dollar you have basically is a share in the government, and you know that the dollar’s value is depreciating.

The U.S. currently owes $400 billion in interest payments alone. In business, any company that owes more money than its actual worth is considered a debt pit, and our government has fallen into its own hole.

Fortunately, other, more valuable assets exist in which you can invest: precious metals. For the first time in many years, foreign banks are buying up gold, creating excellent price support. Following their lead, central banks thinking twice about holding on to American dollars are also investing in gold and other metals such as silver, which currently outperforms gold.

In effect, the value of precious metals goes up as our currency’s value continues to drop.

About the Author: Arthur Soriano is a Senior Market Strategist for Eagle Bullion Group. A specialty firm, Eagle Bullion Group helps investors diversify their portfolios by investing in precious metals, incorporating strategies designed to maximize returns. Learn more at