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“Karat vs. Carat,” by Eagle Bullion Group

Oftentimes, the words “karat” and “carat” are used interchangeably. However, there is a distinct difference between the two terms that should be recognized to avoid confusion. Though both words refer to a unit of mass, “karat” is used to denote the purity of gold and “carat” is used to measure gemstones. The term “carat” originated from the Greek word for carob seeds, which were historically used to measure the weight of gold and gemstones because of their uniform size. In addition, merchants could easily access carob seeds, and everyone could use them to verify mass in the marketplace.

Later, Roman Emperor Constantine issued a gold coin that weighed exactly 24 carob seeds, which gave rise to the modern karat system of measuring purity. In general, 24-karat gold has a 99.99 percent gold content, 22-karat gold is 91.6 percent pure, and 18-karat gold contains 75 percent gold.

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Worried About the Dollar? Buy Gold Presented by Eagle Bullion Group

Many American investors remain concerned about the future of the dollar. In order to diversify their portfolios and protect their assets, they choose to invest in gold bullion. Eagle Bullion Group, a company headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, offers gold bullion. In the following, the company explains why current affairs might lead a savvy investor to add gold to his or her portfolio.

The price of gold does not really fluctuate. Rather, the value of the dollar changes. As the dollar becomes less valuable, the amount of money that it takes to buy an item increases. Meanwhile, an ounce of gold always buys the same amount of oil or food. Wealth stored as cash can become less valuable over time, as the value of the dollar falls. However, wealth stored as gold retains its value over time and can be exchanged with anyone in the world for goods and services.

The analysts at Eagle Bullion Group believe that the dollar will continue its decline due to many factors, including increased spending by national, state, and local governments. Investors who wish to protect their investments may want to investigate gold bullion. Eagle Bullion Group’s financing options allow a wide range of people to own gold and diversify their portfolios.

Precious Metals Can Add Diversity to Traditional Investment Portfolios, by Eagle Bullion Group

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Precious metals such as silver or gold bullion can enhance a traditional investment portfolio by adding stability that stocks just cannot provide in the current economic climate. The demand for silver has gone up over recent years even as supply has diminished, leading to increased investment and profit potential. Since 1960 the U.S. government’s stockpile of silver has diminished by 20 million ounces, partly because of the increased need to utilize metal in technology and manufacturing. Gold has always been considered a worthwhile investment, and continues to increase in value. Gold serves as a hedge against inflation, holds its value throughout the world, and unlike real estate, gold is easily liquidated. As confidence in world governments’ abilities to maintain currency values plummets, more investors are favoring gold and silver as an investment choice.

Eagle Bullion Group of Jupiter, Florida, offers accounts for the buying and selling of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. At Eagle Bullion Group, clients have the benefit of paying a one-time management fee for the lifetime of their accounts.

The Importance of Precious Metals By Arthur Soriano, Eagle Bullion Group

If the federal government suddenly became available as a public offering, you probably wouldn’t want to buy too many shares of stock in it for two reasons. First, because of our country’s enormous debt; and second, because every dollar you have basically is a share in the government, and you know that the dollar’s value is depreciating.

The U.S. currently owes $400 billion in interest payments alone. In business, any company that owes more money than its actual worth is considered a debt pit, and our government has fallen into its own hole.

Fortunately, other, more valuable assets exist in which you can invest: precious metals. For the first time in many years, foreign banks are buying up gold, creating excellent price support. Following their lead, central banks thinking twice about holding on to American dollars are also investing in gold and other metals such as silver, which currently outperforms gold.

In effect, the value of precious metals goes up as our currency’s value continues to drop.

About the Author: Arthur Soriano is a Senior Market Strategist for Eagle Bullion Group. A specialty firm, Eagle Bullion Group helps investors diversify their portfolios by investing in precious metals, incorporating strategies designed to maximize returns. Learn more at

Reasons to Invest in Precious Metals by the Eagle Bullion Group

As one of the few industries unaffected by the economic recession of 2007, precious metals are an attractive and timeless investment. Here are some other reasons you should invest in precious metals:

1. Portfolio Diversifier: Many investors want to diversify their portfolios by investing in different stocks, but all are valued using the dollar. To truly diversify, investors should pick a precious metal. Not only does the precious metal value differ from the dollar, it trends in the opposite direction: When the dollar is down, gold and silver are up.
2. Long-lasting value: Precious metals offer a long history of holding their value—nearly 5,000 years’ worth of history, in fact. They almost always hold or increase in value.
3. Protection against inflation: As the value of precious metal stays consistent, gold and silver can always be counted on, unlike other currencies that are affected by inflation.

To begin investing in gold, silver, or copper, contact the Eagle Bullion Group today.