About Eagle Bullion Group

Eagle Bullion Group aims to provide portfolio diversification and maximum returns to its account through the acquisition of precious metals. An Eagle Bullion account allows investors to remain in control of their investments and individually assess when the time is opportune for selling their gold, silver, or other precious metals. By providing reliable customer service for over a decade, the company has built long-term business relationships and gained a steady base of clients.

Eagle Bullion Group cites many reasons why investors should turn to precious metals as the economy weakens. Precious metals offer investors a consistent hedge against the declining value of the United States dollar, and they maintain their value in global markets, as evidenced by consistent interest from domestic and foreign investors. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have proven to be strategic investments in times of political, economic, and societal upheaval, with demand increasing exponentially as situations become less stable.

Regardless of the economic environment, wealth and assets can be maintained with the acquisition of precious metals. Additionally, the transactions hold a large profit potential and price appreciation. Eagle Bullion Group financial experts have witnessed this trend during periods of economic struggle, noting that all levels of investors have, at times, seen a nearly 40 percent increase in the value of their precious metal investments.

Recently, several prominent money managers have converted their portfolios to precious metals. These include hedge fund manager John Paulson, respected billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, and celebrated investor Jim Rogers. Eagle Bullion Group maintains connections with major trading markets in Zurich, London, New York, Chicago, and Hong Kong, giving them the ability to offer competitive deals to their customers through access to global retail prices.

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